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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spot, the blog

Why a blog called "Spot"?

Why not?

When I was learning to read at school, we had a reader about some kids, and a dog called Spot, when my kids were little they used to like books (and the TV show) about a different dog who was also called Spot.
On the TV show "Star Trek" the android, Data, has a cat called Spot.

So ... after some absent minded daydreaming earlier this evening (about how my other blogs are here on blogSPOT) ... I decided to have a blog called Spot

If you really want to look at it - it's here - Spot, the blog

Yes, that was what I came in here to do about 3 hours ago! LOL

... actually, what I was originally going to do was see if i could get the URL (that was sort of at the beginning of the daydream ;-) ... but it was taken ... so was ... grrrr - both of them were so out of date it is obvious the owners never use them any more ... not that the owners ever used them for much - one has a page with a few posts on it, the other has one post with about 2 lines in it!

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