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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Time for a photo

There is too much boring looking text in here at the moment - time to post a photo ... now what can I find in a hurry at this hour of the morning?

I took this photo of Dear Daughter hugging the dog the other day ;-)
... I think that might be bits of ash on his nose - it was the afternoon when the bits of burnt grass were falling from the sky (from bushfires near Junee and/or Crookwell - not sure which ones the smoke/etc was blowing over from)

btw ... the photos from the first few posts on here are working again now ... but only if hardly anyone looks at too many of them - yes - looks like it was a problem with the hourly bandwidth limit thingy that they now have on geocities pages, where those first several photos happen to be (my geocities statistics actually show if it is exceeded - it hadn't been exceeded earlier this evening before I started messing around in here, but now they show it has been) ... so sometime in the next day or 20, I will see if I can edit all those posts and put them in here the way I did this one just now

but what now isn't working ... or at least it didn't for the last post I just sent here - is the comments link is missing ... I hope that is just a glitch (maybe because I used the "blog this" link on my other (test) blog to post about that to this blog and maybe it didn't like it? LOL)
(that was my other reason for posting that photo now - I wanted to see if the comment link shows up this time)

er ... Dear Husband must be just about to get up for work shortly - I had better go to bed! LOL

(I am still on holidays ;-)


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  1. Cute photo of offspring and dog! Becuase you left a comment on my blog I was able to get to yours and read it. The fires must be really awful. A couple of days ago we had lots of pictures of NSW on the news of fires that had got out of hand. Must be very worrying for everyone and I hope you and your family are somewhere safe.


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