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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

more things I found when I was supposed to be doing something else ...

This evening I should have been doing some more of THAT sorting out/etc (before I run out of school holidays to do it in) ... especially seeing I spent a few hours getting lost in here this afternoon ;-)
... but ... I came back in here to do something I thought of before i forgot it again ... I still have not done that something - LOL - but I did find another interesting blog and the person who writes that also has an interesting website with fractal art on it ...

Fractals have always fascinated me, ever since I first saw one (and that was probably way before I even knew what "fractal" meant ... ever seen a new fern leaf still in the process of unfolding? ;-)
I used to waste quite a few hours sitting at the computer playing with one or the other of a couple of programs that drew fractal images ... but that was back before i knew how to use e-mail or newsgroups or anything like that ... lol (and before I did quite so much quilting/crochet/etc textile arty stuff)

The person's blog is also quite fascinating too -

So ... how come I ended up there instead of doing the "something else"? ... well ... when I go to the site where I log on to post to/edit my blog, there are these links at the top ... to blogs just updated, and featured blogs ... and some reason I decided to see what else was in the list of featured blogs ... and the title of that one caught my eye ... LOL

Oh ... by the way ... if, by some miracle, someone is actually reading this blog ... and, by an even bigger miracle, they have been here before and actually been game to come back - yes it does look different - that is mostly what I was doing in here all afternoon! LOL

So - "what is different?", you ask?
- The template is different - so the blog looks different - it now has a "side bar" with links and stuff on it, and the background colour is totally different (sorry if a couple of the colours in the text of previous posts are a bit hard to read ... they showed up ok on the other colour ;-)

And ... there are some adverts on here ... I don't mind - because I PUT them there!
feel free to click on them and help support my fabric/yarn/bead/etc addiction ... although I have this sinking feeling that it will probably take 10 years for it to even make me enough money to buy a 50c ice cream at that fast food place that starts with an M (M was the first letter of the alphabet that my son learnt too - one guess why!)

There is also a google search button - so you can search the www

and I updated my "other" blog too (in fact I did that first - seeing it is my "test" blog that I created mostly so I could use it to test things out and see what they look like before i dive into this one and do something orrible that I can't undo :-)

er ... I suppose I should check/read my e-mail

... later ...
(now I want to go and do what I actually came in here to do ... )

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