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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Testing, testing ...1 ... 2 ... 3: Testing testing ... 1, 2, 3

I was going to post that other stuff here ... but I ended up creating another blog instead!
- Testing, testing ...1 ... 2 ... 3: Testing testing ... 1, 2, 3
What I posted there, and probably most of what I will ever post there, is a whole heap of nonsense that nobody else will understand (in fact most of the second post on that blog - is even nonsense to me!)
... I only created it so I had somewhere to play around with changing stuff like different layouts for the page and different background colours and stuff - I wanted a "junk" blog to do it on so i wouldn't change something, on here, that I couldn't change back again ;-)
... so ... (if I get around to it) ... there might be a couple of changes to the look of this blog sometime soon (or late ;-)

although it seems there is already one change - I noticed it while I was messing around trying to put a photo on my profile
- none of the photos I have on my geocities site will work as links on blogspot!
... and, unless it was just a temporary glitch, they don't show up in this blog any more - the first half of the posts this year were sent in before there was a way to stick photos directly into my blog, so I threw them onto my geocities site and linked to them there
... so if the photos still don't work next time I look
(that is what I expect - I bet geocities don't like people linking to their user's sites just to load photos and have done something to stop them, that or the hourly bandwidth usage thing they now have is causing the problems),
then I will have to go in and edit all the posts and stick them in the way I do them now
(thank goodness this "vehicle of self expression" is easy to "drive" - LOL)