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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(25 Challenge) Effervescence ...

= Fizz

a fizzy drink

... with caffeine ;-)

sometimes it's the perfect thing to restore my "fizz".

so is beer!

...Yes - even Together!!!

(OK - I'm weird! :-)

[ 25 challenge - next week ... Remember ]


  1. weird is definitely an accurate word for that concoction

  2. There have been a couple of others do the 25 for a week or two but then drop out.
    I was going to do this for only ten weeks(why ten I don't know) but as I am away for the two weekends following this one ... when I normally work mine out I figured this would be the last.
    Thanks for the entertaining reading I have enjoyed it.
    How do I pick the word? Absolutely no idea... a word turns up as I am setting down to work out one week's challenge and so I type it in for the following week.


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