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Friday, April 25, 2008


Lest we forget ...

... actually, this is a bit of fabric that I just put permanent marker dots on, and then dropped dribles of metho on ... I just got up from here and did it a little while ago! - my mind was wandering - thinking of the stuff I have been experimenting with/testing today (whether metho works to do what I just did) and thinking about what could (should?) I have posted for ANZAC day ... and suddenly (at 11:30pm!) the idea came to me - black and red dots might turn into poppies! ... they sort of do ;-)

(hmmm - more experiments probably needed - lol)

I also "drew" on the picture after I uploaded it, to see what it might sort of look like after I machine stitch over it in black thread - I think I am even worse an "aim" with the mouse than when I draw with the sewing machine!

I wonder if Hurtle Henry Holly (one of my relatives, who died in WW1) would be proud of me?
(actually - if he could see what I write in this blog - he would probably be totally confused - LOL)

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