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Saturday, April 19, 2008

T time (Scatterday)

Hmmm ... I started typing this post (then saved it as a draft) several days ago - when I gave it the title I must have known that I was going to be posting it in the evening! LOL (although I have actually had my tea ... sort of ... had a largeish lunch out so tea was just some "fries" from the fast food place DD works - I picked her up on my way home from where I was all day and we shared a "stunner" deal (burger, drink, chips and one of those ice creams they do in a cup with stuff mixed in) ... anyway - Scatterday time:

(btw ... I have not looked at what anyone else has posted yet - I will do that once I have finished doing this one ... which mainly involves puting the photos in ...
... and a lot of fiddling around and fussing with formatting and so on ... grrrr ...
I only look at what next week is when I am just about to publish the post and I want to put the link and next weeks letter/catagories at the bottom :-)

now where was I? LOL

ok - I couldn't resist this ...

I made a Tiny Square box out of Blue paper, and put it out in my neighbourhood! - on the ground in front of our "street tree" ... so that fits all 3 catagories in one go!

but ... somehow I don't think that is really good enough - if I was being assessed it would probably get a big red "poor effort" written on it ... lol

so ...

I found some lots more stuff:

A blue Tea bag Tag

which isn't quite square ... neither is the T bag ... but the box almost is ...

... same with this Blue Tissue box end

... to bad if it isn't quite square - it looks pretty.

how about the Turkish pizza box?

- oops - it got thrown out before I remembered to take the photo, and I am not going out and digging around in the rubbish/recycling when I have other photos I can use instead! LOL

btw, the Turkish pizza came from a Turkish restaurant that has a blue and orange front wall! (but it was more orange than blue so I didn't take a photo ... it is also the one that sells the Kusbasili that I didn't take a photo of for K ... this pizza wasn't Kusbasili either - we decided to try something else ;-)

hmmm - I wonder if any of it started with a T?

oh well - Too bad if it did - it has all been eaten now ...

Ah - this chai Teabag is square!
so that covers the sqaure T thing.

but what can I find that is blue?

Ah - here is some blue "Transport" ?

our blue Barina ... which one of our teenagers is now driving a lot - I think that was why he was cleaning it when I took this photo earlier this year - this was just after he had fixed the broken window, and just before we got it registered again so he could drive it)
- it is also in my neighbourhood (in our driveway, unless being driven somewhere)

The front of DH's Subaru is also in the corner of the photo (more blue Transport)

Now what else can I find?

a Tangled Twisted doona cover Tossed on a Teenagers bed ...
... well it does have blue squares on it ... lol

some blue "Tote bags"
(not that I ever call them that any other time except for when I need something blue that starts with a T - lol)

oh look! - more blue Tissue boxes!
pretty eh? ... so how come the one next to my side of the bed has a boring picture of pears on it?

and next to the tissue boxes I noticed I had a Blue Square Tunisian crochet cushion
yes - the one on the right is done in "Tunisian crochet" (also known as "Afghan crochet" or "Tricot") ... which is done with a different hook/techniqe than "normal" crochet (which the one of the left is) ... my Toes are also in the neighbourhood of the cushions (in the bottom of the photo - lol) ... and you can also see that on our floor we have square blue tiles! (well mostly blue - actually a sort of mix of mainly light blueish with some brown and whiteish colours mixed in)
btw, yes - I made both the cushions ... my friend wrote the patterns, but the cross stitch design on the Tunisian one was my own (I used one of her desings on the other side, but that one wasn't square and mine was ;-)

another blue square:
where does the T come in? ... er ... Toes and tiles again? lol ... and you can decide if this quilt is a Terrible or a Terrific quilt!

... it is actually made out of second hand fabric (from old sheets and old shorts and shirts!) and I made it for the dog!

I did also have a couple other ideas for stuff, but I think I already have enough in here, and I never got around to taking photos of this lot while it was still daylight ... lol

can I find some blue flowers that start with T?

[I probably could if I cheated and googled ... lol]

a T street name?

[that one is down the other end of a long laneway ... Too bad I am Too lazy to go walk there - the street is at the end of the laneway but the nearest sign is even further]

a torana/etc car starting with t?

- yes - I do have a photo for that one ... as they say in the cooking/"how to" shows on TV - "here's one I prepared earlier" ... lol
an old Toyota that belongs to one of our Teenagers - one of our Neighbours gave it to him! ... but it doesn't go ... although it is fixable with a lot of mechanical work and body work and stuff - which the Teenager will probably enjoy doing. (he wants to be a Mechanic!)

a trailer ... hmmm - that is a blue T thing!
yes we do have a blue trailer!
[er ... if you look at the "transport" picture, you can just see the front of it in front of the Landrover - it has a Tarpaulin hanging on the front and onto the spare tyre]

a Telstra/telephone/transformer box/thingy?
[yes there are a few odd ugly boxes in our neighbourhood ... not in our yard thank goodness ... and I am not walking down the laneway to find one now!]

blue "tickertape"? (if I can find a roll of blue streamer ... or a photo?)
[That photo could be taken inside now, but I probably don't actually have any to take the photo of, so I am not even going to look]

someone's blue letterbox (if it is number Ten/Twenty/Thirty something) ?
[I can't be bothered with that one at This late Time either ... lol]

a blue house? - if it has a number Ten/Twenty/Thirty something on it to make it a T thing

but (last but not least) I do have a nice photo of a nearby TREE:

The big looking Tree (which is actually fairly small) is less than Two minutes walk away (about Two hundred metres away actually) ... the big tree, that looks Tiny in the photo - in the middle of the photo ... which I just cut out and put here so u can see it:
is on a nearby hill ... and I have taken quite a few other photos with the same Tree in them, and I have also seen other people's photos of the same Tree on the WWW

There is also a TV antenna in the photo too ... so that is another T thing in my neighbourhood!

This post has taken Too long to write Type ... it doesn't help that I had to stop what I was doing and go and collect a Teenager from where she had been out to Tea and it took ages to Transfer photos to the computer and even longer to Transfer them To blogger ... methinks one or the other Teenager has been downloading Too much stuff and used up all the bandwidth (meaning our connection gets slowed down until the end of the "billing period" ... grrrr ... hopefully that is not Too far away!) ... and it doesn't help that blogger puts The photos I Transfer there onto The Top of by blog and I have to move Them To wherever I want to put Them ...

ok ... who stole my evening?????!!!!!!!!

(it was about 8:30 when I came in here to finish typing this and post it ... but now, after a few interruptions and a lot of fiddling around, it is almost Sunday!)

next week's Scatterday is [Andrea goes and looks] ...

Letter M
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  1. phew ... just posted that ... at Two minutes to midnight - with Two minutes to spare!
    Too bad nobody else is likely to be up to actually see it at the moment ... LOL

  2. er ... yes - commenting on my own blog! ... Twice now - LOL
    - had to put that first one there just to prove that I actually DID post my Scatterday ON Saturday.
    - I can put whatever time I like on my actual posts ... (so I can even post something and put the time on there as last month and it will "magically appear" wherever it fits in among last month's posts! lol)
    ... but blogger puts the times on the comments - so we can't fudge those.

  3. Really do need to read your blurb. Looking at your photos I was quite impressed that you had managed to photograph an elephant's toes/foot beside a blue box ... Ok soo my eyesight may need checking or is it my sanity???

  4. LOL ... actually, I think your eyes and your sanity are probably both fine - when I look at the photo, that tree trunk DOES look like an Elephants toes!!!
    - but if it was - then the box wouldn't be very tiny ... unless the elephant was! (the tree is fairly tiny though ... I think that thickest bit of the trunk is only about 3 or 4 inches thick).
    btw, the Tiny blue box was still there when I looked this afternoon - lol
    (yes ... here I am commenting on my own blog post yet again! lol)

  5. Tangled Twisted doona cover Tossed on a Teenagers bed! That is a great one!
    I was up at the same time ...fiddling with photos, too.


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