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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A different way to look at websites

... As if there are not already enough things to get me "lost in cyberspace"

actually I fell over this website one other time too ... but I was probably too busy to have much of a play with it ... or (more likely) too busy playing with a few other things as well ...

What website?
The one that uses the html tags/etc on a website, to make pretty pictures like this:

... it is the "graph" I got when I typed the URL for this blog into this website

I decided to try one of my other blogs - one with a lot less posts and junk on it:

(this one is )

I also found another version of the same thing - where someone has added to it so that you can "grab" the dots with the mouse and re-arrange the thing ... and when you click on the dots and hold down the mouse button you also see what the dots are (eg links, tags, etc) ... I tried it with this blog and it froze (which is probably more because of things having a go-slow at this end, rather than that website), but it worked fine on the other one ... so I spent a while re-arranging the dots ... lol

btw ... I am not sure why one photo had a border and the other didn't (not that it shows up here on my dark background ... but it does if you get my blog via e-mail/feed/whatever and it has a white background) - the border thingy happened (or didn't - lol) when I did the screen shots ... I probably should have read the instructions in the "help" menu first ... LOL
I don't do screen captures very often ... I usually use that program for messing around with my photos (cropping, rotating, fixing up photos that are too light/dark, etc).
but ... I have also been known to use it to waste time doing silly stuff like this:

... the photo I started with was in my Scatterday post yesterday (I am sure you can work out what one it was) ... I used the same photo, rather than the original photo, before I fixed up the highlight/midtone/shadow stuff (I always keep the original when I mess around with photos, even if I am only fixing stuff to make it look better ;-) but here the photo has been cropped, and I used some weird "picture tube" tool (which I hardly ever play with but DD loves) to put all those buildings and fireworks and stuff there ... not sure why I decided to put bubbles, but I left them there because I liked them - lol

oops ... where did my afternoon go?

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