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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh K - it's Scatterday.

Scatterday this week is brought to you by the letter K and Something You Like The Smell Of, Hobby and Office Things

I like the smell (and taste!) of Kusbasili (I think that is roughly how they spell it - not sure where the menu is to go look - it is a Turkish pizza that they sell at the restaurant near where I work) but I have not had one this week to take a photo of, and I didn't think they would want me in there taking a photo of one today if I wasn't actually buying anything - lol (I already had lunch so I didn't need more)

so ... [Andrea opens up pantry to see what I can find] - ah this stuff smells pretty good (especially when it is in whatever else one puts this stuff in when cooking, or with the dim sims/etc one is eating it with)

Kikkoman soy sauce.

Much better than Kellogs corn flakes, which is what I thought of the other day - and which I probably do have in the pantry but they don't really smell like much at all (but they taste ok ;-) ... and definitely better than the other kind of "special K" - the one the band Placebo have a song about - and which I don't have a clue what smells like and don't intend to ever sniff it - even though some people have been known to do that (well - more like snort than sniff - lol)

... and I don't have any Kecap Manis or Kebabs or Kirsch etc either ...

A hobby is easy - I am sure a lot of us thought of Knitting:

I can sort of knit, but it isn't really my hobby - I would rather crochet!
but - due to having a teenage daughter who was sort of "into" knitting for a whole couple of months before she gave me back my needles, with 2 half finished scarves on them! - I happened to have some knitting handy (and much easier to find than the little bit of my knitting - I did some "magic squares" last year but, like most things in my sewing room, I am not sure where they are at the moment).

I guess I could include a photo of some Knotting?

This is actually a macrame lion I made rather a lot of years ago (I was quite possibly still a teenager at the time! ... I was probably not much older than my daughter is now ... she doesn't like the lion - says it looks creepy - which strikes me as rather odd for someone who picks up big hairy spiders with her bare hands, and dresses in black shirts with skulls on them! - LOL)

If I could be bothered finding a kite (there is at least one little one somewhere in the house, just not sure where) I could call kite flying a hobby too ... but I couldn't be bothered going and looking for the kite.

Now for office things - I didn't even think of taking a photo of my keyboard until I saw it on Michelle's blog a couple of minutes ago! (I went there to copy and past the categories at the top of this post) - but I don't need to do that - at work I have some office Knives:

These are in the store room at work (but there are also pictures of them in the office supply catalogues so they are office things)

Actually I tend to use this sort of knife as an "office knife"

that is why it was in one of those tins of pens, scissors and other office things on my workbench - comes in handy for cutting up cardboard/boxes, opening boxes, etc ...
(at home I use one of the steak knives if I need to cut up a cardboard box ;-)

anyway ... less photos than usual, but if you also followed the links and read what was there, then you have probably been "lost in cyberspace" for long enough (and probably know more than you ever thought you wanted to know about "special K" LOL) so this is probably enough for this week ... LOL

I guess I had better go back to MW's blog and look at what I have to find for next week ...

ah - the Letter T - Square Things, Blue, In My Neighbourhood.
(hmmm ... maybe I could make a Tiny little Square box out of Blue paper, to cover the first 2, and then I could hang it from the little streetTree in front of our house?)


  1. hello my frend.your blog very nice.

  2. late posting I would guess. Checked you out yesterday a few times but saw nothing. On a quick scan must say your entry looks definitely on the lethal side... not so when I slowed down to read though.

  3. That's odd - it showed up ok when I was reading all the other Scatterday posts on Saturday - it was actually posted almost early - I posted it just after Midnight, before I went to bed ... in fact I started writing it just before Midnight and changed the time to 00:30 ... but I think it was about 01:00 (as in 1am) when I actually hit the "publish" button ... and it was showing up on my blog after I did that because I did what I always do and went and looked to make sure it came up ok (there was one time I published a post that I had written a feew weeks earlier and saved as a draft and wonderd why it did not come up on top of my blog ... until I realised I had not changed the time - sure enough - there it was back among the other posts I had published at the time I saved it, because that was the time that was on it - LOL)


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