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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Squid guts

... lovely title for a blog post isn't it?

Why that title? ... well - for the next few days a group of scientists in NZ are going to be "up to their armpits", and maybe even to the tops of their gumboots, in thawed out squid ... very BIG squid ... currently frozen squid, but one is now being thawed out live on webcam, and the others, including a really HUGE one will be thawed out starting tomorrow - also live on webcam ... and they are also going to be dissected live on webcam ... and lucky for us - webcam does not yet have "Smellavision"
For those few that might be reading this before this event is all over - there is a blog that has some posts about it, and the links for the webcams are here ... enjoy ...

btw, I might not be posting stuff here quite as often as I have for the last 2 or 3 weeks ... for one thing the Scatterdays have been put on hold by the persons who were choosing the letters/things, and the other thing - the main reason I had time to post so much for the last couple of weeks has been because it is school holidays here, and I work at a school - so I have not had to go to work for the last 2 weeks ... but school goes back tomorrow so I am back at work ... sigh ... but I will still post stuff here ... just not every day or 2 ... LOL

hmmm ... I was just thinking about what photo I could put in here (because just plain text is a bit boring) and I turned around and looked behind me ... and was met with a sight that I am often met with when I am sitting here and look behind me - a sound asleep dog ... I won't sneak past him and go grab the camera right now, because then I would have to upload the photos now instead of later ... so - as they say in the cooking shows - "here is one I prepared earlier" :

this photo was taken a few days ago, and looks almost exactly like what I can see now (hmmm - I must pick up that mess in the passage ) ... except his feet are a bit further in the air and I have an even better view of the things that "stand out like dog's ____ "

< Andrea desperately resists the urge to change the post title to "squid guts and dog nuts" ... >

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  1. grrr ... between work, and being busy with other stuff - I missed the whole darn thing! ... oh well - I guess I will have to keep an eye out for when the TV documentary comes out ... and meanwhile I will just have to be satisfied with sitting here looking at all the photos on their blog (which I am doing while eating my seafood pizza! LOL)


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