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Friday, April 11, 2008

Strange soles

This is what I was doing earlier this evening:

(I guess I should go pick it up B4 someone trips over it? lol)

no, it is not a demented bird or a new fashion in rugs/doormats ... it is a pile of shoe soles (the sort they use to make cheap and nasty shoes) tied together with bits of wire from inside "grey s..t" (grey computer network cable - if the network cable is blue then it is called "blue s..t" ;-)
The plastic from outside of the wire is in a heap in the cardboard box, along with a few spare shoe soles ... 2 of which are also probably going to be made into odd things ... (a sole ... not a flounder, and a shoe phone ... LOL) ... the big thing is the partly made armour for a FOOT soldier ... or something like that ... (maybe he belongs to an organisation called "SHOE" - Super Heroes Obliterating Entropy ?)

Yes, I know - it sounds rather strange and if you are still reading this you are probably confused ... too bad - there will be no more details until later - it isn't finished yet! LOL

(it is for a challenge for a textile art group I am part of, I have known what the challenge is since about November, and it has to be finished in time to take to the next meeting, in just over a week's time - so of course I only started it last night! :-)

anyway ... it is nearly Midnight - time to start writing my Scatterday post and put the pictures in - so I can post it as soon as it IS Saturday, and then go to bed (and see if I can sleep off this cold I seem to have come down with - typical - the next 2 weeks are school holidays so I don't have to go to work - so of course I have to come down with a bug NOW ... sigh ...)

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