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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some reasons why I don't buy home decorating magazines

1. The house is currently too messy to bother decorating (I should be out finishing sorting out/tidying up now ... so why am I in here? lol)

2. It costs money to buy them ... and I have other things to spend my money on - there are plenty of places to borrow them/get them free ... who cares if they are a month or 3 (or even 300) out of date? ... if I am going to use a decorating idea it will be because I like it, not because it is currently in fashion!

btw - I apply the same logic to quilt/crochet/craft magazines too - I buy fabric and yarn and borrow magazines - because I can't do it the other way around!

(however I did buy the Febuary 2008 issue of Down Under Quilts - because there was a photo of one of my quilts in it! ... )

3. The fact that 3/4 of the magazines seems to be advertising, and I don't see the logic in paying money to have something that is then trying to sell me stuff I don't nescessarily want - if they want to fill them with paid advertising then why don't they give them away? - it seems to work with webpages ... lol

4. either the writers are morons, or they think their readers are - why else would they do stuff like show a picture of a nice bookcase with all the books facing spine IN - and then write in the article that "the backward facing books turn what could have been a distracting jumble into a neutral element"?!!!!!!! No - I didn't buy this magazine to find that out - I read about it in this rather amusing blog post -

btw ... I think that particular bit of decor is just so NOT ME ... lol

I left rather a long comment on that blog post too ... but she probably won't approve it, because I think it was probably longer than her actual post! LOL

[a few days later ...]

... oh ... she DID approve it! lol

(hmmm ... I wonder if that was a good thing or not? - I just noticed at least 2 typos in it - and I wasn't even really looking hard, so there are probably a few more too!)

Talking about stupid things, and home decorating/etc ...

I was just surfing somewhere and found a link to this website - Unscrew America

er ... it that POSSIBLE?! LOL

... actually it is a website about a good idea ... pity it is also the most annoying website I have been to all year! LOL

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