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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

... and ... something I posted to a crochet yahoogroup a week or 2 ago

While I was doing the "copy and paste" thing (which I was before dh arrived home with the fish and chips ;-) ... I figured I may as well bloggify (I invented that word) the other thing I had saved in my e-mail for just that purpose ... this time it was something I sent to the australiacrochet yahoogroup (and it was probably only a day or 2 before I started this blog ;-)

- it started off as a reply to someone posting about what they were making with their latest yarn purchase ... but, as usual, I ended up raving about all sorts of other stuff too .

so ... here is the copied and pasted bit ...

... trouble is - it makes me want to start creating stuff with my "feathers"/etc yarn ... but I am too busy sorting out the house at the moment, and most of my yarn is buried somewhere in all the mess! - I seem to have stuff everywhere and the more I tidy the messier it seems to look ... dh says he has a solution - chuck out all the stuff! ... lol ... but that kind of defeats the purpose of having collected it all in the first place ... LOL
I actually bought some more yarn today ... we went to the shops again, to buy clothing for dd (warning - if you have a choice in the matter - don't take an 11 (almost 12) year old girl clothing shopping - major AHHHHRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH )
... and I ducked in to Lincraft
... and they had some yarn on special
... I got some fuzzy/hairy looking stuff ... and some "feathers" ... and a "Knitted cushion cover kit" ... but am I going to Knit the cushion? - NOPE ... at $4.00 for a kit with 5 balls of yarn in it - who cares if the pattern is for Knitting - I just wanted the yarn! LOL
... unfortunately I only bought one of the kits (they had 2 colours of the $4 one and some $3 ones with 3 balls of yarn too) ... I probably should have got more - at that price it meant the yarn was less than $1 a ball ... but DH was with me ... and he complained enough about what I got as it was ...
- it wasn't the $ I was spending - it was because I still have not used the last few lots he saw me buy, and the fact that I don't have anywhere to PUT all the sewing/crochet stuff I already have, let alone more ... .
I still haven't found a home for that "car load" of fabric I got the other week yet - that is part of the reason for all the sorting out ... the other reason is that the rest of the house is still a mess from my last reorganisation of my sewing/craft area - when, more than a year ago, I decided that the only way to organise my craft stuff was to move the whole lot up to the other end of the house ... that area is now full - and there is STILL stuff down the other end! LOL).Andrea,disorganised in Dunlop... wondering if I should collect up all my loose change and sneak back to Lincraft later? LOL

Hmmm ... that gives anyone reading this an explanation as to why I keep telling you that I should be sorting out instead of messing around on the computer ... but ...
- now you might be wondering about that "car load of fabric" ... LOL

*andrea hunts around for some more bits of e-mail to copy and paste*

This (the blue bit) was part (most actually) of an e-mail I sent to someone on the last day of work before I went on Christmas holidays (the day school finished - about a week before Christmas) ... they had asked if I had enjoyed my birthday, which was earlier in December ;-)

I did get myself a sort of birthday present a week or 2 before my birthday - a whole pile of fabric/etc crafty bits for $5 at a garage sale, and a whole heap more for free at the same garage sale
(maybe I should elaborate a bit more here - I arrived after almost everyone else, in the afternoon - they said I could fill up a couple big boxes of "that stuff down the side there for about $5" then they gave me some more bits, then a couple of us looked in the big rubbish skop out the front and I found some interesting bits of stuff in there ... then they plonked a HUGE plastic bag of stuff out the front and told the 2 of us left to "share that lot between you" ... the other person was walking home and couldn't carry any more - so I took the lot - I kind of stuffed the whole bag into the front passenger seat - because the back seat was already full!)
... the poor little car was literally FULL of fabric and stuff! (it was stuff that had belonged to a worse hoarder than me, who died recently - and it had been in a shed for who knows how long and a lot of it is dusty or worse ... so it all needs a wash ... which it is getting done bit by bit with other washing or whenever I get around to sorting more out )Anyway ... dh is home now and I still have not sent the e-mail I came in here to send ... LOLAndrea,disorganised in Dunlop... now on holidays until the end of January ... yippee!

er ... sad thing is - it is now almost the end of January! ... and my sorting out is still NOT finished ... sigh ...
- so much for getting a heap of quilt/etc UFOs finished or anything like that ...
and the worst part is ... when I go back to work ... guess what I will be doing a lot of there? - yep u guessed it - sorting out stuff! (they have several store rooms of stuff that has been there a lot longer than most of us who are now working there have!)

I really should go DO some more sorting out ... sometime ... LOL

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