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Monday, January 17, 2005

chaotic and irrational ...

Someone posted this link - - to a free form crochet yahoogroup I am subscribed to (in case the link is dead or something - it was a news article about how a couple of mathematicians have used some weird chaos theory thingy, called the Lorenz equation, to write crochet patterns ... that "Lorenz Manifold" thingy (the thing they crocheted) looks pretty orderly for something chaotic ... LOL
hmm ... Some of my crocheting looks rather chaotic ... and my sewing/craft area, and at the moment the rest of the house too, looks even more chaotic (in other words - it is so messy that if some house theif was in the area, they would take one look in the window and go to another house instead because they would think that this one had already been ransacked ... lol)... so ... I guess that if such order can come from chaos - then there is hope for me yet ;-)

btw ... after seeing this, and having seen/read a few things about stuff like Fractals and chaos theory and things like Fibonacci numbers etc ...

Ok ... now u don't have a clue what I am talking about eh? - well ... I used to play with some program that draws Fractals it is called "Fractint" and ... I just did a search - it even has a website where u can still get it for free - - but I haven't used it for a while ... not even sure it is on the computer any more - DH (Dear Husband ) tends to remove things that he thinks nobody is using) ... and to find out about fractals just do a search for "fractal" and you should find more than you knew there was to know about it ... lol ... ditto for Fibonacci numbers ... actually - was the first thing that came up when I just did a google search

now ... what was I saying before I got side tracked? ;-)

knowing about all that stuff, and now reading about those weird mathematicians crocheting that Lorenz Manifold thingy ... I now have this weird idea that I want to experiment with trying to do some kind of Fractal crochet ... LOL(maybe I could invent free form fractal fibonacci fibre art? lol ... except, like a lot of weird ideas I have, it has probably already been done ...)

hmmm ... there is some stuff on that Fibonacci website that talks about how the rational answer, to what they are talking about, is the irrational numbers (see here - ) ... maybe that explains something about how someone who was never any good at maths at school is now interested in these weird mathematical theories etc (chaos and fractals and fibonacci and the golden section etc) ... and the even stranger thing - I think I even understand some of what they are talking about ... LOL

btw ... I have actually made a quilt called "The Fracticality of Threedom" ... I wonder if I ever did get around to putting a photo of it online? *andrea goes looking at her yahoophotos website* ... er ... I probably did - but not on yahoophotos - it would be somewhere that most of u can't get to (because u have to be a member of that yahoogroup to look at the photos that are posted on there) ... so ... *andrea ducks out of this window again and goes hunting around on the computer for photos* ... hmmm ... this could take a while ... and look what I found while I was looking for the photo I want ... I forgot I had this one of me! ...
ugly picture of me
This was taken 2 or 3 years ago (at a get-together for "Southern Cross Quilters") ... and yes - I crocheted THAT hat! ... and those are 2 of my quilts that are hanging behind/above my head ... the pink and green one was a mystery quilt - people probably thought I was mad choosing those colours for a mystery quilt - but I really like how it turned out! (the other one is a bit hard to see because the light is shining through it ... it has a kangaroo in the middle and I made the rest of the quilt because I made the kangaroo block at a craft group and then I decided I may as well make it into a quilt ;-)

Ah Ha - found it - this is "The Fracticality Of Threedom" quilt -

The Fracticality Of Threedom

I actually made this for a challenge for Southern Cross Quilters (also known as "Scquilters" - it is a yahoogroup I am on ;-) ... the theme of the challenge was to do something to do with "three" ... so my odd mind came up with all these odd thoughts about 3 and free and 3 divided by 3 divided by 3 being fractal etc ... I guess this is one of those things I was talking about when I mentioned that website with the "tampon socks" on it and said that what she said about where her ideas came from also applied to some of mine ... ie I don't really know where they come from - they just do ;-)

btw ... talking about chaotic crochet ... which I sort of was ... LOL ... I have also been getting lost at this website tonight too - ... I have dabbled in this sort of stuff, and want to do more ...
... actually ... come to think of it - a lot of that sort of stuff is kind of fractal ...

... and ... maybe the www is too? - it is definitely chaotic! LOL

so is this blog ...
and so is my brain, I guess ;-)

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