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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fw: I wonder how well ... make that "IF" ... e-mailing things to my blog works?

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>I wonder how well blogging via e-mail works? ... only one way to find out
> - send something ... LOL
> here is the first "something" I found ...
> I think I just found the perfect gift for the girl who has everything
> -
> ... I wonder if the URL comes up as a link when I blog via e-mail, or if I
> have to do the html thing?
seems it doesn't ... lol
so, after logging in and fiddling with something that shouldn't have made it
not work but might have, I will send it again ...
... now, knowing my luck ... the other e-mail will now arrive at the server
the blog is on, and so will this one and the stuff at the top of this post
will be in there twice ... lol

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