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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

living up to my blog title

I should go to bed ... but I am still messing around changing stuff and testing things ... seems ds is following in my footsteps ... I am doing all this on the laptop because ds is at the other computer (the one with all my e-mail and stuff on it - the e-mail I should have been reading instead of messing around here ;-) ... it is way past his bed time but dh said he could stay up because dd has gone off on a Scout camp and it is school holidays so he can sleep in ... just like I will be doing ... lol
I wonder who told him about ?
... oh well - at least it is keeping him occupied for the school holidays ... trouble is I tend to spend ages looking over his shoulder watching the silly stuff they do there, than I spend doing the sorting out (of all the mess in my sewing/craft room, and the whole house) that I SHOULD be doing ...
drats ... the dog is STILL trying to talk me into taking him for a walk ... I often do take him for walks at this hour of night ... but if I go now ds will want to go too ... and HE should be asleep too ... so I think it is time I went to bed ... then he might go too ... lol (not sure if dh thought he would actually stay up THIS late, when he told him he could stay up late ... LOL)

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