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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

er ... ? just messing around to see if I like blogging ...

ok ... now I have a blog ... have to work out how to change everything so it looks a bit less ugly ... lol ... and half the things I wanted to change - it said it couldn't show them because I hadn't written anything ... then it showed the changes anyway ... lol
this just might be the only time i write anything here too ... or I may keep adding stuff every now and then ... depends how much spare time i have ... and if I bother to keep messing around with this ... I wonder if anyone will actually ever read this junk anyway? ... not that it matters - half the reason I decided to start a blog was so I could use it as a sort of online version of a visual diary or somesuch ... but my usual thing with diaries is to hardly ever have them, and if I do - I don't always get around to writing stuff very often ... but every now and then, when I do write ... I tend to write a lot of strange things ... lol
This is probably a weird first entry for a blog ... but then this is a weird blog ...
but ...
I LIKE weird ;-)

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  1. Hie andre ,
    well i loved your blog , you sound as weird as me , had to do this anomasly (cant spell) as i am not very puter savvy , it would take me forever to join.
    it,s jenny the one who didn't know what blog was ,looking forward to reading your blogs,jenny


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