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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Going potty?

I just typed most of this (below) as a reply I was posting to one of the yahoogroups I am on ( ) then ... I decided it actually belonged here! - so now it will be in both places ... which is actually part of what I had planned to do with this blog all along - when I post things to my lists, and I end up going off on a tangent and raving on about weird odd things I am doing/want to do/have seen/etc then I can copy and paste the relevant bits in here too ;-)
(and now that i have told you about it, and that is was always my plan, it is NOT cheating ... lol)
The topic we were on about (on the yahoogroup) had to do with someone making a bag out of flyscreen wire ... and someone else saying the quilt shops had it in different colours ... and someone mentioning a bag made out of a pink rubber bathmat!
... and my reply was this ...
Don't u just hate it when you think of something different and new to do ... then search the www or read a magazine or something and notice that it has already been done?! LOL... it seems that nowdays - even the weirdest stuff is normal ... sigh ...I have been collecting old computer/telephone cables for a year or 2 ... with the idea to eventually crochet something out of them (not sure what yet ... had not got as far as deciding what to make ) ... but I bet, by the time I get around to doing it, someone else will have done it and it will already be in all the fibre arty magazines and all over the www ... LOL (that is if it isn't all over the place already ... lol)
btw ... I have been crocheting coiled pots too ... but none of them are bags (which that yahoogroup is about) and they look nothing like the ones Janice (boadacea_cat) is doing ... lol - mine are done with string or yarn crocheted over cord or whatever ... one name for that is "clothesline crochet" ... and they kind of look like bits of pottery ... very weird pottery (just ask Janice - she has seen some of them ) ... I will put some photos online somewhere eventually (maybe my yahoo album or somewhere) ... if I don't tell you where in the next few weeks - remind me, bug me, whatever , until I do . In the meantime, my next crochet coiled pot might* be a kind of bag thingy ...

(* - might means it probably will provided it doesn't do what the last one did, once I started crocheting it, and turn itself into something else! .. in this case it became a pot ... that can also be folded to become a mushroom!)
hmmm ... I have collected a LOT of odd stuff because I have some weird idea or another for something I want to make with it ... then I seem to spend more time trying to keep it tidy, than actually making things with it! *sigh*

hmmm ... the dog has just stolen another tissue (used) out of the bin beside me ... y do dog's like chewing stuff like that? LOL
... maybe he is trying to tell me that I have not taken him for his walk yet! (he even has a new trick for that - when I am here at the computer late in the evening, he goes and scratches at the back door, where he usually goes out, and then when I get up to let him out he runs toward the FRONT door, and stops while still where I can see him, and gives me THAT look ... the one with his head tilted to the side and a look on his face that says "well ... you ARE going to take me for a walk?")

This ...

Diesel ... yes - that's his name
... is the OTHER look ...

Maybe I should go take him for a walk ... 1 O'clock in the morning (!) is a fine time as far as he is concerned - he will go for a walk ANY time someone wants to take him! (lucky for me, we live in an area where I CAN walk the dog at this hour of night and know I will be as safe as I would be any other time of day) ... actually he prefers night time ... especially at the moment - because for one thing it is cooler at night (his fur coat is a bit hot on a hot summer day like we have been having lots of lately) and also ... there are foxes around here (we live right near some paddocks and a new housing estate with mostly vacant land still, where the foxes come and scavenge for food etc) and they come out at night ... and he likes to chase them ... (not sure what he would do if he ever managed to catch up with one - probably try to play with it! ... he did that with a young Galah once ... by the time I caught up the bird was covered in doggy drool ... but otherwise quite ok ... just a bit frightened and cranky about being slobbered all over ... LOL)

er ... I WAS going to have an early night too ... lol
(well - I was going to try and go to bed around now, rather than in another hour or so ... and I was going to have done a few more things first too ... but I came in here to check my e-mail ... and I got lost in cyberspace ... again ... oh well - I AM still on holidays ;-)

... you are still reading this?!


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