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Sunday, January 30, 2005

I think I have "lost it" ...

... lost my marbles? ... gone totally nuts?

yes - probably ...

Last night, while daydreaming or something, I found myself thinking up a crochetHaiku! (a type of Japanese poem with 3 lines and 17 syllables, that doesn't have to rhyme or anything silly like that ) ...

it actually is about something I made ... lol -

I joined in a "crochet along" where we leart filet crochet and made a fairy from the person's pattern ... the idea was that if we finished by a certain date, and sent in a picture, we get entered in a draw to get sent a copy of one of the pattern books she has written ... but I just wanted to send mine in anyway - if there wasn't a deadline I never would have finished my frustrating fiddly freaky filet fairy ...
well - I finished it a couple weeks back ... and I blocked it (wet it and pinned it out to dry in the right shape) just before tea yesterday evening (at the lastminute ) before taking photo and sending it in, and then, whilelooking at photo on computer just before I attached it to the e-mail - I noticed that my fairy's foot is BACKWARDS ... aaahhhhrrgghhh ... LOL
(it got sent in anyway - so now the others who did one can all have a good laugh at me )

anyway ... this is the Haiku I wrote -

my scary fairy
filet crochet gone insane
came out two feet tall

btw - yes - my fairy IS 2 feet tall (possibly even a bit bigger - have not actually measured it yet) ... oops? wrong hook? use finer thread next time? (yeah - like there is ever likely to BE a next time?! LOL) ... or maybe it was meant to be that size? lol
(actually she is one foot short at the moment - I unpicked the "wrong" one ready to re-do it the right way ... then i couldn't find where I had put my printed copy of the pattern ... I could just print it again but I think that is a silly idea (waste of ink/paper/etc when i still have the other one somewhere in my pile of mess ... yes - that mess - the mess I still have not finished sorting out )

I went to bed and found my brain trying to make up even more Haiku too! ... thought about getting up to write it down ... but never quite got there ... wonder if I will ever remember what I made up? ... I might remember the words sometime ... if I could even remember what it was actually about - LOL

I just thought up this one though ...

have I gone insane?
up late posting to my blog
I should be asleep

on that note ... I probably sholuld go get some sleep

(if I had half a brain I would be dangerous ... oh - I have 2 halves of my brain - a left and a right - so if I have 2 times "half a brain" ... does that mean I am doubly dangerous?)

er ...


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