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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


hmmm ... that link didn't work ... and it wasn't my bad html skills ... it is this silly blog site - the URL came up with some extra junk on the front so clicking on it sends the browser to something that doesn't exist ... oh well ... I might go searching around for how to fix/work around that later ...
hmmm ... I decided to have a bit of a look around now (temptation got the better of me) ... maybe I should have put the http:// bit in too? LOL
if comes up as a link to my geocities page ... then I know the problem still wasn't my rusty html writing skills - I think it is this silly "wisywig" editor - I am doing the "preview" thing - looks like I don't need to type in the html at all! (just the URL with the http bit on it ;-) ... I keep forgetting how they make these things so easy to use these days - LOL) ... so ... if the link works on the blog (and not just in the preveiw) - I will cheat - and go back and edit my last post so that the link I put in there DOES work ;-)

... see what I mean about how I get carried away writing weird stuff? LOL
(3 entries in a row all in one night ... then it may be days or even weeks before I come back here and/or add anything else!)

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  1. LOL Anthea. Over the years I have always enjoyed reading your posts to scquilters. Looking forward to your blog entries.


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