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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The day all my UFOs are finished

... is ... the day this happens ...

there is SUPPOSED to be a picture here

Somehow I think the day I finish all the quilts, crochet, and etc crafty items I have started - the sky will be darkened by the shadows of flying pigs ...
(the same probably applies for finishing the sorting out that I WAS going to be doing some more of this evening ... LOL)
btw ... that picture (provided it worked like it was supposed to and you can all SEE it) is a quilt I made late last year ... because I felt like it ... and because I didn't have time to finish any of my UFOs to take for "show and tell" at the quilt meeting that month ... LOL
(most of my UFOs become UFOs because I got up to some difficult and/or time consuming bit ... so they kind of get put aside for later because I want to start on some more urgent project, or some other weird idea I want to try out ... )

by now, somebody reading this is probably thinking ... "UFO? ... I thought that was a flying saucer" ... well ... yes ... but that is a whole other fascinating subject ...
In the online quilting world, and in the online crochet world too ... a UFO is an Un Finished Object ... ie some quilt/etc that you have started ... and then stopped working on ... so it just hangs around, wondering if it is ever going to become whatever it was going to be ... (sometimes they do get finished ... other times they get looked at and the owner says "why on Earth was I making THAT?" and gets rid of it ... or if the owner is me ... I still keep it because "it might be useful for something one day")

er ... methinks it is time I stopped raving on and posted this ... so I can see if the picture worked ;-)

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