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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sometimes things work ... eventually ;-)

I sent those 2 e-mail blog entries about 3 days ago ... and gave up on them as lost because they didn't turn up in here ... until last night that is ... LOL
... it was funny to notice that, while I was sitting out the back at a friends place (crocheting and talking over a drink or 3) that apparently I was also posting to my blog, without even knowing I was doing it ... LOL
btw, I Was going to send that link again anyway ... and I might still do that - because it didn't come up as a link ... which is what I was interested in finding out ...
here is the perfect gift for the girl who has everything -
The rest of her site is here - ... for those who want to look at the rest of the weird stuff she does ;-) ... I like her comment thingy about why she does what she does ... it kind of applies to a lot of what I do too ...

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